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Testimonial from Sifu Mark Rasmus

Teacher of Qigong, Taiji and Traditional Martial Arts since 1986

“In over three decades of martial arts training I have had the pleasure of touching hands with beginners through to Grand Masters. In this time, I have met none that have impressed me, as has Adam Mizner. His balance of softness and power lays testament to his spiritual essence and skill.”

Testimonial from Sifu Michael Phillips

Instructor of Taiji since 1977

“Let me say this very directly: Some people think my own abilities are pretty good, but you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve touched hands with Adam – his abilities are truly extraordinary!”

Testimonial from Sifu Steffan de Graffenried

Teacher of Taiji, Yoga, and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts
Taiji Competition Push Hands Champion – 1st Place

“I feel very blessed to have found a teacher of such a high level of skill and the character to match. After nearly 20 years of (so called) Taiji practice I finally found a teacher who can not only do the magical things I had always wanted to learn but was willing to teach those secrets to me. I can’t believe that there is now Qi coming out of these hands that had only waved around in the air for 20 years prior. Shifu Adam Mizner is a rare gift to the Taiji community.”

Testimonial from Sifu Damo Mitchell

Author of Daoist Nei Gong & Heavenly Streams

“Over the last decade or so I have traveled extensively throughout Asia studying the internal arts. Along the way I have had the chance to push hands with many Taiji masters, including many of the great names from the different lineages. Through doing this I have had the opportunity to touch hands with many practitioners with a high level of skill, sensitivity and internal power. I can safely say, with no over-exaggeration, that in my opinion Sifu Adam Mizner has reached a higher degree of skill than any of the others I have met. His understanding of the internal mechanics and application of Taijiquan is without comparison.”

Steve Sharkey

Testimonial from Steve Sharkey, 5th Dan

former Detective & Special Branch Bodyguard
HM Queen Elizabeth & His Holiness The Dalai Lama

“After 39 years of training and searching for the best in martial arts I have finally found it in Sifu Adam Mizner. I’d like to think I’ve not wasted nearly four decades of my life. As during those years I’ve trained in nearly every main stream system there is, in classes stretching from the USA and Europe to Hong Kong. So I think this allows me to recognize a true Master when I see one. And none come close to Adam Mizner.

His program is the most professional, simple and honest I’ve ever seen. Being an ex-police officer I’m very sceptical by nature. But this is a BS free, fighting system par excellence.

Since my first Tai Chi lesson 20 year ago I always thought that if Yang Cheng-Fu were alive today I’d move heaven and earth to train with him. So given that Adam Mizner is here today why would anybody waste their time and money elsewhere?

The unique selling point of this program is Sifu Mizner himself. Beyond his amazing ability, it’s his integrity that hits you. I’ve met him and felt his power. But it’s the integrity in his heart that reassures me he’s a Master I can trust. So waste no time and move heaven and earth. Respect. 

Sifu David Carr

Testimonial from Sifu David Carr

Teacher of Yang TCC and Choy-Li Fut kung fu – since late 70’s

“I’m nobody really, but I am honest.  I have been studying Tai-Chi Chuan since 1973, and right now it’s 2014.  So that’s quite some time to study an art, and it’s been under the same teacher.  I’ve opened schools from coast to coast here in the U.S. and I’ve only called one man Sifu.  At 62 years of age I currently believed I was aware of what ‘true’ Tai-Chi was, also having gone to nearly 100 workshops over the years from various ‘masters’.  It is my privilege, honor and I feel duty – to say that I now have a new Sifu. Adam Mizner is that man, and his instruction is quite clear and structured so that anyone, beginner or advanced – may benefit in ways they never knew.  I’ve touched hands with him in push hands and  participated in the forms training during a short stay with him.  I am amazed at how deep an art can go, and how willing Sifu Adam Mizner is open to share.  I’ll say to you as he said to me when I struggled to find the time and money to finally meet him,  ‘Just one touch and you’ll know.’  Now, it’s your turn.  Check out his online course – step by step he walks you through.  Hey, piece of cake”

Testimonial from Michael Roland, L.Ac., MTCM UK

Author and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Adam Mizner is the best internal martial arts teacher I have ever met! In the past decade and a half, I have been lucky enough to meet some of the best modern internal arts masters. These include both western and eastern masters of taichi, bagua, and xingyi. I am always amazed at their martial prowess, but I have had varying opinions of their ability to pass that knowledge and skill onto others.

On meeting Adam Mizner I was able to quickly assess his teaching skill to be far superior to most other offerings. His depth of knowledge is incredible, but his ability to encapsulate that knowledge and to give the student just what he needs at the right time is truly outstanding. Mystical concepts such as fajin become a formula that can be taught, practiced and mastered under the tutelage of Sifu Mizner.

With Sifu Mizner the higher spiritual aspects of taichi are part and parcel to your development within the system. There will never be attainment of taichi skill without hard work and dedication, but with Sifu Mizner you can be sure that your hard work and dedication will bear fruit that will continue to feed and nourish your practice for years to come.”

30 Year student of martial arts

Testimonial from Don Schiewer

30 Year student of martial arts

“Here are the things I look for in a great teacher. First, that they can clearly demonstrate the skill I wish to attain. Second, that they can clearly communicate the training methods I need to follow to develop the skill. Third, that they inspire and encourage me to follow the training. And finally that I find my skill improving when I follow their teaching.

Sifu Adam Mizner is exceptional on all these points. I have touched hands with many people and Adam is the most skilled I have encountered. His method emphasizes fundamental internal training techniques which go beyond the knowledge I have accumulated over thirty years. Adam has a fire and confidence which is also strongly grounded and practical. His teaching of Dharma and Metta as source of strength and power resonates with me. I have been inspired to increase the quality of my training and I see results on many levels.”

Gérald for post

Testimonial from Dr. Gérald Tur

Certified since 2001 in Chinese Medicine
by the Republic of China.

“In May 2015, Adam Mizner asked me to give him my point of view regarding his chronic lower back pain. After the consultation, I could diagnose a spinal lesion at L5-S1 with a suspected herniated disc. I advised him to do an MRI, and we chose one of the best hospitals in Thailand. Examination revealed, as i expected, two herniated discs, L5-S1 and L4-L5, due to a lordosis of the lumbar spine and a compression of the spinal disc as well. Quite honestly, I have practiced medicine since 2001, and each similar case has always required surgery. Adam visited four spinal experts who all insisted he needed surgery and could never train martial arts again. After having explained the details of his MRI , he finally decided to take some time to treat it himself, with his knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan and meditation.

I must admit, I was rather skeptical.

Today, 4 months later, he has achieved the impossible. His back injury is almost completely healed. As such, I can confirm the exceptional therapeutic efficacy of his Tai Chi Chuan and mind power.”

Testimonial from Andy Mack

Teacher of Qigong, Taiji and owner at Dissolve Therapy

“Teachers, masters, sifus, ajahns, imams , pastors – these are just words describing someone who knows how to teach what we want to learn. So when I find someone who is skilled, I want to emulate them. Open up to them. Take their teachings to heart – So, make sure your teachers are also developing skillful qualities, and releasing unskillful habits. If my teacher is still an ass, or an emotional wreck, or flies off the handle regularly, or holds grudges, or is unhappy or grumpy or moody…. it’s evident his or her teachings, practice, sincerity or methods are off point.

So when I was a kid I listened to and loved Henry Rollins, and took on some of his qualities. Mostly unintentional. If you listened to Rollins all day, everyday, 3 things probably happened to you – you got jaded, you developed a scowl, and you started doing push-ups. Everything we are, is given to us, we take it in, most of it, we are relatively unaware of the constant absorption of negative traits, and emotional turmoil and all the other unskillful shit people project. Of course not all of it is bad, as in Rollins’ case – the push-ups, Rollins was a beast, and the bassplayer in his band – Andrew Weiss – those basslines were rad, yeah.

But when we take on a spiritual teacher, or kung fu teacher, or yoga or mma teacher, or a reiki teacher or healer or what ever…. we have to look at the way they act, and how they are. Because, like a sponge you will draw ‘them’ into your heart. And those threads go deep, and can be a real bastard to get out!

I am very lucky in this regard…. over a decade, watching my own teacher grow and develop into a more brilliant human, martial artist and meditator, has been completely inspiring, and of course chronically influential. He is not a saint and does not want to be, he’s more like a Mahasiddha! – he is constantly working to refine himself. Working to let go of negative traits, and develop a skillful, open, sincere and light filled heart. And, as time rolls on, the changes are increasingly evident through his actions – from helping in the floods, to donating (very large amounts! ) regularly to help the needy through temples, to random acts of generosity for complete strangers, setting up people in business’ and of course offering a seemingly limitless supply of help in all forms to me and my fellow students. From breaking life long smack habits, to dousing the flames of anger, or loosening the crush of anxiety or heartache or depression. This constant giving is happening on a daily basis. And this capacity to help is increasing exponentially – the reason he does this is not for show, but because it makes his heart light, it feels good.

And then, there is his veneration to his teachers , teachers who have let go of the things that cause them pain in life – greed, jealousy, stinginess, aversion – he adores and is devoted to them, because he can see the benefits of becoming like them – and because he is open to their teachings, he progresses at a prolific rate.

Much love and eternal thanks to my Sifu – Adam Mizner, and his teachers.
And of course thanks and love to my crew at Heaven Man Earth Taiji International and Lokuttara Dhamma for all the support and fun. Would be impossible to do it alone! Yo!”

Testimonial from William Ware

20 years taijiquan experience

“Look, you can pay for local classes and you may become a good slow arm waver and maybe look like you are doing taiji as you go through the form, or you can study under Sifu Mizner and actually grasp the power that is taiji. If you join these online classes it will not be long before your fellow students at your local club are scratching their heads wondering where your skills come from. Believe me this is no joke, there are few with these skills and even less with the ability to teach them in a way that is easily understood. This is a rare chance that has not been available before, certainly not for so little money. Sifu Mizner’s power is awesome and his ability to teach these skills is like a rare diamond. If you are lucky enough to find this…3 words- GO FOR IT”

Testimonial from Curtis Brough

“Growing up in a religious family I was taught to believe and have faith in the supernatural without any first hand experience. But I was driven by a need to understand, to know beyond that which I was taught. After meeting and training with Sifu Adam Mizner, he opened up a new world to me, a world not built on faith in the unknown, but on direct knowledge gained through the practice of meditation. Not only was I shown this new world, but was also taught to master it in a way that can only be described as magical. From the countless meditation exercises Sifu Adam knows, he is able to tailor specific practices to individual people, cultivating unique abilities that are usually only dreamed of. It is not an easy path to follow, like anything worthwhile it takes discipline and hard work, but the rewards are beyond anything you can imagine. I encourage those of you that seek knowledge, to find a true master such as Adam Minzer and start practicing the noble path”


Testimonial from Andy Gee

“To train under Sifu Adam Mizner is an incredible experience. It is
very rare to find someone who, in this day and age, is so dedicated to his art. To be able to find a teacher who taught either Tai Ji, or Dharma of this caliber would be a very good find indeed. But for Adam Mizner to be able to teach both, to such a high level, is truly a very rare occurrence. His Tai Ji is mind blowing, and just to watch and touch hands with him is an incredibly humbling experience. His Spiritual tuition is very competent, with very real and down to earth teaching, with tangible results. All in all I feel very fortunate to be able to train under Sifu Adam Mizner.”

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