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Discover the power of Taiji
With Sifu Adam Mizner

Are you passionate about REAL taiji (tai chi)?

Would you like to begin developing AUTHENTIC ability starting immediately?

Do you want to dramatically increase the RESULTS of your training?

“As I teach it, the purpose of the internal training is to achieve balance and harmony. When yin and yang are in balance and the mind and body in harmony we can maintain zhong ding and live in peace.” – Sifu Adam Mizner


Testimonial from Sifu Michael Phillips
Instructor of Taiji since 1977

“Let me say this very directly: Some people think my own abilities are pretty good, but you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve touched hands with Adam – his abilities are truly extraordinary!”

Discover the power of Taiji with our Online Training Program
Weekly High Definition Video Lessons with step by step instructions


Traditional Tai Chi Chuan is all but a lost art.

In a sea of disinformation, it’s always refreshing and exciting to access “the real deal”. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to locate those rare teachers who exhibit profound skill in both practice and transmission of the art. It can be harder still to spend any significant amount of time training with them. Even today, only a handful of masters scattered around the globe can teach authentic taiji, and they often only teach the critical elements of training to members of their own families, or to their innermost disciples. Worse yet, many who can perform the art correctly are simply unable to transmit it effectively. But now, in order to provide you with instant access to the best training available, Sifu Adam Mizner, founder of the Heaven Man Earth Taiji International School, is proud to present Discover Taiji Online.

Learn to generate robust health, unified balance, and life-altering insight, without spending years on ritualistic practices that often lead nowhere.

Discover Taiji is an interactive Online Tai Chi Training Program with a curriculum proven to produce real results within just 100 days!

Traditional taiji lore encourages the belief that attaining mystical, esoteric taiji skill might take 20 years, after which “the chi will just come”, but that popular misconception can now be laid to rest. Throughout Discover Taiji, Sifu Mizner will train you in the form and function of traditional, results-based taiji practices with perfect clarity and precise detail, so you can understand even the most abstract aspects of your taiji on a practical level, grounded in tangible, personal experience.

This course is interactive and highly effective!

If you want to experience the authentic taiji that most people only ever dream about, and develop authentic skill, then this is the course for you. We will guide you through every step of the path. At an unprecedented level of access for an extremely affordable price. At your own pace. In the comfort of your own home.

If you want glowing health, radiant vitality and REAL inner power then allow Discover Taiji to help you make the next step to becoming a healthier, happier YOU.

Awaken your Inner Power

Testimonial from Sifu Damo Mitchell

Author of Daoist Nei Gong & Heavenly Streams

“Over the last decade or so I have traveled extensively throughout Asia studying the internal arts. Along the way I have had the chance to push hands with many Taiji masters, including many of the great names from the different lineages. Through doing this I have had the opportunity to touch hands with many practitioners with a high level of skill, sensitivity and internal power. I can safely say, with no over-exaggeration, that in my opinion Sifu Adam Mizner has reached a higher degree of skill than any of the others I have met. His understanding of the internal mechanics and application of Taijiquan is without comparison.”

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Throughout the course you will receive additional BONUS videos and Extra content throughout the course.

Discover Taiji teaches you the fundamental skills required to start building the foundations of a genuine taiji body, energy and mind. If you put in the effort, Discover Taiji will guide you through the process, with a precise course of proven training formulas, and you WILL get RESULTS!


You’ll have access to our private Discover Taiji Members group on Facebook, with extra video content and answers to all your training questions, where you’ll be able to get instant feedback and support from senior members, and offer your advice to new members.

hmeiphoneeFor under $2 a day, you can invest in yourself by investing in your practice, and have access to top-quality instruction year-round, 24/7, wherever you go.In order to accommodate the range of training budgets, payment is structured around what you can afford.


A minimum of 4 training videos per month
Bonus videos on tips and tricks for accelerating your training!
Exclusive community access!
Available on mobile and web!


Affordable – Flexible – Convenient

The greatest thing about Discover Taiji is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a long term martial artist, a total beginner, or even just simply looking at taiji to increase your health. All of these things and more make Discover Taiji beneficial for you. This is the course for you!

The time is now to make it a part of YOU.Come train with us.
Best regards, Heaven Man Earth Taiji International, Representing Sifu Adam Mizner

A final word from Sifu Adam Mizner.

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